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A new approach to corporate wellness

Introducing a fresh approach to employee wellness!

Today, obesity is one of the most significant financial challenges facing U.S. employers. Approximately 67% of the U.S. population is either obese or overweight, and an estimated 12% of total healthcare costs is obesity-related. Full-time U.S. employees who are overweight or obese miss 450 million additional workdays each year compared with healthy workers, leading to more than $153 billion in lost productivity.

A healthy diet vs. an unhealthy diet costs about $548 more per person per year. NutriSavings makes nutritious food more affordable by providing cash incentives on healthy purchases.
Did you know it costs a family of 4 more than $2,000 a year, simply for eating healthier? 

Welcome to NutriSavings, a new employee benefit that aims to lower healthcare costs through a fresh approach to employee wellness. We created the first online ecosystem where employers, health plans, supermarkets, food companies, and growers, join forces to motivate employees to embrace better nutrition.

Our concept is simple. We motivate employees to shop smarter by rewarding them with cash incentives every time they buy nutritious groceries. The healthier the purchases, the bigger the rewards!

Partner with us today, and champion a healthier (and wealthier) workforce.


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