Every month of April, the city of Boston gathers to watch the Boston Marathon, a historic race on its 119th year of hosting the 26.2 mile course.

The race starts in the humble town of Hopkinton, MA and weaves through Middlesex County, triumphantly ending on the half-mile stretch of Beacon Street in downtown Boston. From start to finish, the entire course is lined with enthusiastic crowds who cheer for every dedicated runner.

One of those runners is Becca Pizzi, a Belmont, MA resident who has run a total of 41 marathons, 14 of which were Boston. When NutriSavings asked Becca if she wanted to be featured in NutriSavings’ Marathon Monday articles, a series of posts documenting nutrition and fitness leading up to the race, she was excited to share her story and inspire others to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

“I never take my health for granted. I chalk it up to listening to my body, and I think that is important to stay motivated,” says Pizzi, who also views nutrition as way to increase performance and maintain endurance during her long training runs.

Like many healthy habits developed at an early age, Pizzi’s love for running began when she was 6 years old, inspired by her father Fred Pizzi, also a runner. Pizzi ran Track and Field and Cross Country at Belmont High School, and later for Mars Hill University in North Carolina. After graduating, Pizzi ran for post-collegiate clubs, including the Greater Boston Track Club whom she currently represents. An avid traveler, Pizzi’s dream is to make the World Marathon Tour, which consists of 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. Talk about ambition!
Runner2But Pizzi isn’t just a runner. She’s a mother, a daycare owner, and an ice cream shop manager for Moozy’s Ice Cream Emporium in Belmont. Pizzi’s 7-year-old daughter Taylor ran her first race at 6 years old (like mother, like daughter!), which is Pizzi’s fondest memory of her entire running career.
For Pizzi, tallying up the mileage each week has taken years of diligence, persistence, and proper nutrition to keep going. Pizzi’s favorite snack in between workouts? A fruit-filled Nutri-Grain bar made with whole grains. At work, Pizzi sees the importance of making time for wellness-related activities. “I am lucky to have a gym membership reimbursement program through my employer at Moozy’s,” she says.
Pizzi also has friends who use a FitBit at work to receive incentives and prizes. “[Their employers] pride themselves on a healthy lifestyle, and I think that is awesome.”

As the Boston Marathon approaches, stay tuned to follow Becca’s journey until the big day on Monday, April 20th. Learn more heart-healthy recipes and exercise tips, and get motivated start a wellness journey like Becca, one step at a time!

Quick Facts:
Favorite snack: Nutri-Grain bar
Favorite pre-race snack: Banana and peanut butter
Favorite place to run: Along the Charles River
Number of marathons run: 41
Marathon goal per year: 6