Frequently Asked Questions

1What is NutriSavings?
NutriSavings helps healthcare companies and wellness providers to educate consumers on healthy eating. Our program also rewards good food choices with savings at the supermarket — incentives for healthier eating that can reduce healthcare costs.
2Why is it important to offer a nutrition program as part of a health and wellness plan?
The health-related costs of poor food choices are enormous:

  • • About 67% of the population is either obese or overweight.
  • • About 12% of total healthcare costs is obesity-related.

Every dollar spent on wellness programs saves three dollars in medical costs and absenteeism. When it comes to reducing healthcare costs, NutriSavings delivers measurable results over the short term and long haul.
3How do my members use NutriSavings?
The program couldn’t be simpler. Members just register the loyalty cards they already use at their favorite stores, then shop as they normally would, buying incentivized items along with their usual purchases. Within a few days, they can visit their account to view their earned rewards, shopping-cart scoring, suggested healthy alternatives and savings opportunities for their next shopping trip.
4How long does implementation take?
On average, it takes just two months for us to help you customize and design your incentive plan the way you want, provide your members’ eligibility files and communicate to your members about their new benefit.
5How much time will it take me each month?
We work hard to make the whole process easy on you. We do all the heavy lifting — including handling all customer service issues — so that your role can be as limited as reviewing your monthly reports on our website (if you like).
6How can I track the impact of the program and measure ROI?
Our customizable reports present the results of the program every month, showing how your members earn rewards and change their shopping behaviors for more nutritious eating — changes that add up to reduced healthcare costs in the long run.
7How do you get people to change their behavior and eat healthier?
Three key ways:

  • • Financial incentives to buy healthier products in the form of e-coupons/rebates that translate into cash back at the end of the month
  • • Educational materials such as articles, videos, healthy recipes and suggested healthier products every time members go shopping
  • • Contests, games, quizzes and rewards that keep members engaged and informed
8Who can participate? Are there limits based on the size of the health plan or geographic location?
That’s the best part: Anyone can participate in NutriSavings.
9I’m interested. What are the next steps?
Call us at 857-228-1454 or email at and we can get started today.
10Why should I choose NutriSavings over another wellness program?
NutriSavings is the wellness program that can have the greatest impact on your population, because it’s designed for everyone. Our program helps at-risk members to get healthy — and healthy members to stay that way.
11How do you score products?
NutriSavings uses third-party nutritional scoring to assign more than 100,000 foods a rating between 0 and 100. Foods rated 100 are considered the most nutritious. (The average consumer’s grocery-basket score falls between 30 and 45.)
12What if you don’t have a particular retailer in your network?
Our network currently includes over 25,000 retailers. If a certain store is not yet participating, let us know and we’ll work hard to bring them on board as soon as possible.
13How will you encourage members to sign up?
We’ll do what’s best for you: We can communicate through brochures, emails, onsite presentation and participation in benefits fairs.
14What’s your stance on privacy?
We never request shopping data from retailers without express authorization from participants. When participants give us their rewards cards, they opt into the program and agree to share their shopping information with us. In addition, we don’t share the individual basket data we get from retailers with anyone other than the participant. Sponsors (the employer or health plan) only see aggregate numbers, not personally identifiable information about participants. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of participants’ Protected Health Information (PHI). We collect and disclose such information only according to our strict confidentiality policies and federal and state laws designed to maintain privacy, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule.
15How do you protect your data?
We make every reasonable effort to ensure all transactions that occur on our website are secure. We store personally identifiable information with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry-standard protocol, to protect all data submitted on our site. All offline information in securely stored and accessible only via authorized staff.