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What is NutriSavings?

NutriSavings is a foundational wellness program that provides participating employees with an incentive for making healthier grocery decisions. Once enrolled in the program, participants have access to NutriSaving’s robust website and mobile app, which allows them to find nutritional information, recipes and wellness tips. Every trip to the grocery store is an opportunity to save money and learn ways to improve their health.

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Why Partner with NutriSavings?

The NutriSavings program’s broad appeal and low-barrier to entry can be the cornerstone of your wellness program. All participants have to do is sign up and shop! Once participants see the effects of NutriSavings on their wallets and their waistlines, they may be excited to try other wellness programs; all of which can reduce overall health care costs to employers and employees.

How Does NutriSavings Work?

It's 3 simple steps

""What better way to encourage people to eat well than to put money
in their pockets for choosing healthy foods”

- Eric H. Schultz, President and CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

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